Our sisters believe being involved on campus is what helps shape you into being a well-rounded individual during your college years. That's why in our chapter it is required to be a member of at least one other organization other than ZTA. Since many sisters are already a part of an organization when they join ZTA, this isn't a hard goal to obtain at all. 

Collectively as a chapter, Kappa Phi participates in all of the on-campus Greek events to support our fellow Greeks, raise money for charity, and have a great time! We have had a blast dancing in G-Phi's best dance crew, having representatives at APhi's King of Hearts and ASA's Strongman, buying awesome homemade crafts at Phi Mu's Auction, and playing croquet at ADPi's Preppy Olympics--just to name a few!

Social activities are also a major component of joining a Greek organization. Every year we have several mixers with other organizations, both sororities and fraternities on campus, and do fun activities together such as watching the Super Bowl together, going to Huntington Beach, or even going ice skating! We also hold a Date Function, where sisters bring a date to events such as Build-A-Bear, Howl-O-Scream, bowling, and other activities.

In the fall we have Semi-Formal dances, and in the spring we have our Formal dance, both of which are always tons of fun. Each year the venues change, but dances have been held at the Norfolk Botanical Garden, the Marriott at City Center, the Virginia Living Museum and many other awesome locations!


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